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2010 Prophecy by Dr. Dollar

"Breakthrough At Last!"

“For these are days of great power—great power in this hour. These are days where I’ve ordered your steps. You’ll take those steps under My authority and under My power. For I have started what I have said, and I will finish it,” saith the Lord.

“And you will be endowed, and clothed, and dressed with anointing. And the grace upon you will come to a place of maturity. And as you operate in that which I have given unto you, you’ll use those powers to bring those that are down and out through. For this is a last gathering of souls that I have caused to come. And through your power shall most of them come to know and understand that I am the Savior in this hour.

Oh, these are days…these are days…oh, great days of miracles and power, I say to you. So rejoice in this hour, for it is Mine,” saith the Lord. “I have ordained it and I have initiated it. And I have caused it to be. For you will now come to see, that all you have experienced, prayed, said, and stood for, those things are not going to leave. Those things are not going to be absent of manifestation,” saith the Lord.

“Prepare yourselves, and I’ll use you. Remember, I’m going to use you to bring others through. Oh, it’ll be a great time of celebration—a great time of rejoicing and restoration! For truly I’m going to bring you to a place that you’ve not seen before. I’m going to cause you to come to this level. And you’ll begin to rejoice forevermore.

For these are the days that I have ordained. I say it to you again. For the clock is in My hand, and I hold the time of the end. So, these days rejoice and let your rejoicing not be few. But rejoice all the time, for it will be the reason for your breakthrough. For I have not left you alone. And I will show Myself strong. And many will wonder, ‘What’s wrong?’ And you’ll rejoice and say, ‘Nothing at all, for my God is alive and well.’

So be it unto you this day and hear these words that I say—that it is harvest in your life and BREAKTHROUGH! So rejoice forevermore for I am not through. Every word that I have spoken shall surely come to pass. And you’ll begin to laugh and say, ‘AT LAST! AT LAST! AT LAST!’

For with boldness I baptize you this night—that your anointing take flight, and you move under obedience to My directions. Oh, yeah…and the devil, I’ve taken care of him. So go and be used to bring the unfortunate through. Go and be used and minister to the widows too. Go and be used and let the strangers not be alone. For I have anointed you with power. Your grace has come on. So be that which I have called you to be and fret not because you will see. For these are My days, and I am in control. So prepare yourselves and rejoice forevermore,” saith the Lord!

—Prophecy delivered by
Creflo A. Dollar
Sunday, January 31, 2010
World Changers Church International
College Park, GA

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