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Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association is not a denomination; it is a fellowship. We are comprised of many denominations which desire to grow in covenant with one another. Therefore, each ministry participates under the direction of God, with the goal of being a blessing to all families of the earth (Genesis 12:1-3).

There are no governing bodies to which you report. There are no investigations or disciplinary actions to consider. Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association is not interested in overseeing churches or outreach ministries. Each ministry must stand before God on its own. Our goal is to complement your assignment by making our expertise available to you. We take a more active role only by request.

The requirements for joining CDMA are minimal. Our goal is to serve others and see that each ministry fulfills its God-given destiny. We require each interested ministry to complete an application package. This package includes a copy of the following:

  Member Application (Download Application)

United States
Asian Pacific
South Africa

  Letter of Recommendation*
  History of the Leader’s and the Ministry’s growth
  Ministry Vision
  Statement of Beliefs
  Copy of Ministry License/Ordination Certificate**
  Photo of Ministry Leader(s)
  Article of Incorporation and Bylaws
  501(c)3 Certification (US Only)***
  $250.00 Annual Membership Fee

* Letter of recommendation must be submitted with your application from a colleague in the ministry.

** Itinerant ministries do not need to be licensed; however, they must submit copies of flyers, programs or brochures that confirm their speaking schedules.

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